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Online Hasil HK Hari Ini Safety: How to Avoid Being Cheated by Other Players

Part II of II – How to Protect Yourself from Cheating
In part I of this two-part posting, we discussed the types of cheating being conducted by a very small number of online Hasil HK Hari Ini players out there. Now we’ll get into the ways to protect yourself from this happening to you, as well as what to do if you suspect yourself of having been a victim of such ill-begotten gains.
Choose your poker sites carefully. No poker site wants cheating to occur at their tables, but some sites are better at preventing it than others. The first step in researching poker sites is to read their Safety or Integrity page. Yes, these pages are typically long and boring, but in the case of protecting yourself from cheaters, the more detailed and specific the explanation of how your player safety is ensured, the better. Then, if you’re still uncertain where to deposit your bankroll, visit one or more of the online poker player forums (there are certainly plenty of them) and look for postings by players themselves about their experiences with the security (or lack thereof) of any sites you’re considering.
Check the hand histories. A hand history can give you a good idea of whether you were the victim of cheating or just the object of a bad beat.
Contact the site. If you still believe yourself a victim of cheating, then courteously contact the poker site administrator and request an investigation into the situation.
The best way to protect yourself is to know what’s out there. So now you know. Hopefully this keener eye on what to look out for will arm you with the confidence continue making the most of all the fun, excitement, and profit that the field of fabulous online poker rooms have made available to you.
All this having been said, remember that the vast majority of players out there are just like you, honest poker lovers looking to have some fun and win an honest buck while doing so. So go out and enjoy yourself.
Team FullTilt Hosts Big Animal Loving Charity Event
World-renowned poker pro Jennifer Harman loves animals. And in an effort to help them where they can’t help themselves, she’s hosting an international online poker charity tournament to benefit their many (and growing) needs.
Taking place at FullTiltPoker.com, the Animal-Loving charity online poker tournament brings together animal-loving poker pros and amateurs alike from around the world to benefit the Nevada SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), a no-kill animal shelter.
Joining Harman will be fellow Team Full Tilt big names: Gus Hansen, Mike Matusow, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, Howard “The Professor” Lederer.
Other celebs joining in on the event include (with their FullTiltPoker usernames, where available, in quotes):
Jeff Brushie, “SMAKEbreak”, world halfpipe champion snowboarder;
Ross Powers, 2-time X-Games champ and Olympic medalist;
Kris Swierz, “WheatSApuff”, pro snowboarder;
Parks Bonifay, “pbpbpb”, 5-time wakeboard world champ and X-Games gold medalist;
Shane Bonifay, “jeanyes407″, Gravity Games and X-Games wakeboard medalist;
Danny Harf, “d9bigtime”, 4-time X-Games gold medalist wakeboarder;
Jimmy Button, “BTNFLY”, pro-motocross champ.
The “Animal Lovers” event will be a $5 + $5 No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament, starting at 9 pm EDT, March 16, 2008.

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