Thursday, June 04, 2020

Netflix – The Pros and Cons of the Online Movie Rental Service

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Do you know what rents parents have to go through in the past? In cold and sub-zero weather, they had to walk 5 miles through 8 feet of snow to the local video store. When they finally got there, they only chose about twenty movies, none of which were new. After renting the video, they had to rush to go home, because if they didn’t go home at 5 am the next day, they had to pay a late fee equal to twice the initial rent. And you know what they like and enjoy the opportunity to entertain.


Fortunately, the times have changed and it has become easier to enjoy movie art in a comfortable living room. In particular, Netflix, now a well-known video rental giant in the United States, has revolutionized the nature of a person renting a movie. Provide online services, unlimited rent, monthly fixed fee, no late fees. Delivery and return by US Postal Service. With UU’s pre-printed envelopes, Netflix has become an economical and simple choice for greedy movie viewers across the country.


Now, as a movie lover, Netflix is ​​the best thing I can do in tin cans. However, when I talked to some friends and family, they were also great movie spectators and told them why they wanted to join Netflix. They seemed hesitant and raised a lot of questions. Many people seem to think that this proposal seems to be a good thing, while others don’t mind the traditional way of renting movies in video stores. Whatever the reason, I personally found myself talking about why or why I didn’t join Netflix enough time to memorize and write an article from my memory.


We are there, although I like Netflix, but I am honest in the debate, and I realize that online services have some drawbacks, that is, people who want to register should know. So needless to say, this is my three advantages and disadvantages of using Netflix.


Professional: Price: The cost of Netflix is ​​undoubtedly the cheapest way to rent a movie, especially if you watch more than three movies a week. During my first month as a member, I did the necessary calculations to verify that it was a wise decision to provide my credit card number to Netflix. I divided the number of movies I watched in the first month by $16.99 (three movies at a time). This resulted in 87 cents per movie, and if noted, it was also cheaper than the $1 movie. Redbox is popular and competitors. Now, if I see the same number of movies when I rent them at a video store for an average price of $4 each, then I will spend about $80. From Netflix.


Dear: Choice: I used to spend a lot of time, I am sure it happened to you. You will find foreign thrillers praised by independent winners or critics of low budget festivals that you should watch. Then go to the local video store to rent it, but let the 16-year-old employee behind the counter tell you that he has never heard of it. Previously, the only way you could solve this problem was to purchase a copy of the DVD online. But if you are a member of Netflix, you can almost guarantee to rent this movie. With a library of more than 100,000 different movies, Netflix offers the largest selection of movies to date. I have been a member of the past two years and they have not provided the movie I want. In all three cases, the film was “sold” by a film company that had these rights, and according to the law, it meant that Netflix could not be rented.


Professional: Convenience: “There is no late payment fee.” Netflix knows that this statement is by far the most important selling point, and obviously it is the reason why it spreads all advertisements. But that doesn’t mean how much benefit this benefit will benefit customers. I can use the money I spent in my life to pay for higher education. As we all know, the video store will never forget to delay payment. It will remain on your computer for many years and will chase you until you pay. But Netflix’s convenience is not limited to no late payments. Moving to and from the video store has also been removed by mistake. And your website, all your choices have made it very easy to use, I know a 5 year old child is easy to navigate.


With: New version: I started with the biggest professional Netflix, which is by far the biggest scam. It is very difficult to receive a new version the first time you go out. This means that you want these videos to be seen in the theater, but have been postponed until you finally missed your chance, you can’t wait to watch it on the DVD, it’s likely that Netflix will keep you waiting longer. Netflix has had a lot of trouble solving problems. The most popular movie rental period is made within the first 30 days of the DVD release. Although Netflix has increased the supply of the most popular games released each week, the company’s financial situation in meeting demand is not reasonable. In fact, interest in the title will slowly disappear. Therefore, as a member of Netflix, it is very likely that the new version being sought may issue a terrible “very long wait time” because it is available. And believe me, the state is properly named.


Disadvantages: Without a movie: Depending on the package selected with Netflix (only 1 to 8 movies can be played at a time), it is likely that there is no movie in your house at night. Making cream popcorn, watching movies is what he wants to do. The speed of receiving and returning movies is as fast and convenient as possible (one business day), but sometimes, because your plan is not well-planned or the movie does not arrive at the scheduled time, you will be in trouble without a movie, think about how to drive Go to the video store and rent one.


With: Video Store Blues – Any movie fan or movie viewer will tell you that visiting a video store has an inexplicable, almost solemn quality. You like to read the back cover and make choices behind the scenes in new releases, comedy or horror movies. When joining Netflix, I often go to regular video libraries, and I must say that there is a very nostalgic experience, even organic, access is not a video store for Netflix.


Personally, I corrected many deficiencies and pointed to Netflix as the main source of my movie rental service, but when I found myself in a situation like the second above or a new version, I really I really want to see it and tag it with Netflix. In the “long wait”, I hope to go to the video store and rent one or two moviesa month. Therefore, I still enjoy all the benefits of using Netflix, but at the same time, I did not completely give up the video store. Like the best of both worlds.


So these are the three main advantages and disadvantages of using Netflix. Now, I don’t know how many times my argument has advised someone to leave the video store and Netflix, but I will tell you that if you are like me, watching movies takes up some of your important time, Netflix is ​​your best choice. And what you should use to rent a movie. Choice and convenience are unparalleled, and you can save money by using Netflix, which will help you offset any late fees you have to pay for years.






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