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Free ride history



The game free ride is a modified version of Let It Ride. Free ride is found almost exclusively at online casinos. I have yet to see free ride at a casino in Las Vegas.


Most casino table games have a history. They have either been around for a long time or they are a modification of another game that has been around for a long time. Let It Ride is different. It was invented by Shuffle Master to help market it’s single-deck shuffling machines. Let It Ride was introduced to Nevada casinos in 1993 and quickly became a hit with many table game players.


The game of free ride is played on a blackjack-like table with, of course, a shuffling machine. It is an unusual type of poker game where you put up all your bets before the first cards are dealt and then you can pull your bets back one-by-one if you don’t like the way your free ride hand develops. If you do like the cards, you can just let your bets ride, as indicated by the name of the game. You can also make an optional side bet to qualify for an additional bonus payout.


The game free ride is basically the same as Let It Ride, except instead of placing all your bets before the cards are dealt, you only put up the first bet. As the fourth and fifth cards are dealt, you have the option of placing an additional bet after each card if you like the way your free ride hand is shaping up. You are not required to place additional bets if you don’t like your free free ride, but you cannot pull back your original free ride bet.


video poker history


The game of video poker is a fairly recent Unique Casino phenomenon, dating back to only the mid-’70s. Although early slot machines used cards and poker hands as payoff symbols, players had no choices to make; the reels stopped wherever the machine determined they would.


The increasing popularity of video poker can be traced to several factors and characteristics it has in common with many of the more popular casino games. For instance:

video poker is fast (like craps).

video poker gives players the opportunity to make decisions and a reasonable control over the results (like blackjack).

video poker is similar to poker (like many of the newest casino games).

video poker gives the possibility of a large payoff and is not intimidating (like slot machines).




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