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The sbobet Clone

I was on the other side of the building, deep in one of those conversations that men only engage in after unhealthy libation. Most men will shun the doctor, barricade emotion, and put forth the cool facade, but somehow Southern Comfort has the same coercive chill as an hour with Dr. Phil. Yes, dear friend, I love you, too.
Only one thing could break our manly composure. Only one thing could shake us from our drunken faux-compassion. A visiting physician barreled around the corner, turned on the garden hose, and yelled, “You’re late for the wet T-Shirt contest!”
Welcome to Bradoween V!
I Brought 3 Friends, A Banquet Table, and my “C” sbobet Game.
Actually we got there at noon, which was perhaps the most impressive accomplishment of the weekend. Friday night went just as scripted, except Al had me ruined before dinner and I don’t remember much of the night. I’ve been told we made it downtown and finished all the SoCo at the bar… twice. My houseguests and I made it back to the pad by about 2AM and 80oz of water later, I was fast asleep.
I’m still not sure what the banquet table was for. I use it as a substitute for a real poker table, but Otis had those bases covered. So we strapped it, using 50 feet of rope, to the top of CJ’s rented SUV and drove, slowly, to the party.
One of the most important parts of knowing Otis is the ability to anticipate stories that begin with, “Back when I lived on Juniper Circle…,” and end with “…I woke up in the bathroom!”
If you’ve never heard one of those stories you have no context for the Mizzou Crew, and you’ve probably never heard Otis sing “ROCKETMAN” either, both of which count you among the blessed. Still, the crew is a blast.
Most of these guys travel cross country each year and nail every Bradoween. For most of the guys at this years event, they’ve now attended 5 straight. Poker blogger, JMC Automatic, is among the faithful. Normally, it’s …

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2004 slot hoki Episodes #1 & #2

I think we’ve all waited for tonight with anxious anticipation. Well, except, perhaps, for PokerProf who was there when it happened. For most of the rest of us, this will be our first chance to see the 2004 World Series of Poker. Before reading on, I suggest you go here and listen to “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.” It’s the catchy song you’ve been hearing on the slot hoki promos.
Okay, now that you’re ready… read on…
7:00 pmCT
I’ll be back from dinner in an hour and ready to shuffle up and deal!
7:55 pm CT
ESPN has extensive coverage on its website. As expected, we’ll get to see more than just the $10,000 NLHE tourney. Tonight, it’s the final table of the $2000 NLHE tourney featuring: David Chiu, Carl Frommer, Brian Haveson, Anthony Lellouche, Tuan Nguyen, Shawn Rice, Charlie Shoten, J.C. Tran, and James Vogl. In fact, the first 12 episodes will feature alternate events, followed by 10 episodes of the main event.
8:00 pm CT
It’s time!
8:01 pm CT
There’s already been a half dozen Moneymaker references.
8:02 pm CT
Lon and Norm are back. Good, I think they do a nice job. Our first televised hand features rockets for James Vogl, the chip leader at the final table. Haveson, in the next seat, gets the unfortunate Cowboys. What terrible luck. A pot size graphic has been added? I don’t remember it from last time. Could Haveson have laid it down? It was a re-raise from the chip leader, maybe you fold. I wouldn’t have, he had to call. 24-year old Vogl has a HUGE chip lead and Haveson finishes in 9th.
8:05 pm CT
We’re learning how to play Texas Hold ‘Em now. Thousands of more fishes just decided to lose their money online.
8:06 pm CT
Lellouche attempts a blind steal with J4o, and runs into KK in the small blind. Chiu moves all in and Lellouche calls. Chiu was the tiny stack at the table. Chiu doubles up. He’s the only braclet winner at the table, it’s not a good idea to …

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Are Retinoids The Answer To Aging?

Prevention; it’s still the key when it comes to avoiding excessive aging of the skin. The best way to fight photo-aging (damage to your skin caused by getting too much sun exposure) is to protect yourself.

Sunscreen use is your number one weapon, as the sun can and will age your skin. Learn about sun-damaged skin on www.skincareguide.ca/conditions/sun_damaged_skin.html.

If you already have sun-damaged skin there are some alternatives for you. A very popular and effective treatment is the use of topical retinoids. Are topical retinoids recommended for everyone? The answer is – no. Most people can and probably should use some form of topical retinoid as their benefits in improving skin photo-aging as well as reversing some of the abnormal skin growths are well documented. Patients with very sensitive skin may have difficulties using topical retinoids. If you have rosacea, (Signs include facial redness, small blood vessels and occasional inflammatory papules), you may not be able to use topical retinoids at all.

For you, other products such as ones with topical vitamin C may be of benefit. Topical vitamin C as also an agent used in the fight against excessive skin ageing.

Retinoids are chemical molecules that are derivatives of vitamin A. There are both oral and topical formulations, and are used to treat conditions such as psoriasis or acne (See Psoriasis or Acne patient portals for more treatment information). They work by binding to specific receptors which then interact with DNA. This process generates new molecules which in turn results in skin improvements. The most common topical skin retinoids are tretinoin, tazarotene and adapalene. With the first two being most commonly used to treat photo-aging.

With topical retinoids, most people experience a mild degree of skin irritation that recedes with ongoing use. Generally speaking, people with more sensitive skin have a higher chance of developing irritation and, as such, should use the product less often (e.g. start with twice a week application at night) and increase the frequency of use as tolerated. There is no need to endure significant irritations, …

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togel hongkong hari ini Revenue Dropping in Vegas



When you think of gambling on the Vegas Strip, you think of blackjack. The game of blackjack has always been the most popular casino table game and for many is the first thing you think of when you think of Vegas. However, revenue from blackjack has taken a hit recently, and it’s not the money maker that it has been in the past.


In 2009, the amount of money won by casinos in togel hongkong hari ini dropped by 20% and the amount wagered on the game fell to its lowest amount ($8.917 billion) since 2003. In 2009, money made from blackjack made up just 9.7% of all casino revenue, which is the first time in history that it has been below 10%. In addition, the hold percentage, which is the percentage of money won compared to money wagered, fell to 11.3%, also the lowest in the history of Las Vegas.


So what happened? Well, the most obvious reason for revenue being down is the recession. Tourism in general is down, including visits to Vegas. Fewer people visiting Vegas means fewer people gambling at casinos. However, that doesn’t explain why blackjack is making up a smaller percentage of casino revenue.


The reason for that, according to some experts, is that casinos have shot themselves in the foot. In a quest to make more money, many casinos have tightened the rules on their blackjack games, putting in place stricter rules on splitting and doubling, having the dealer hit a soft 17, and in some cases making a natural blackjack pay out 6:5 rather than 3:2. In addition to tilting the odds more in favor of the house, many casinos have raised the minimum wager requirements and gotten rid of the $1 tables and in some cases even the $5 tables.


But how would that cause the casino to make less money? Well, getting rid of the low-limit tables has caused some of the inexperienced gamblers to stay away from blackjack and play other games instead. Newer gamblers want games with lower limits because they seem …

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Review of Gambling Theory and Other Topics

Since he began writing gambling books, Mason Malmuth has always been one of the most thought provoking writers on gambling related topics. This book, Gambling Theory and Other Topics contains many of his most wide ranging and provocative essays. Insightful and controversial, it would be difficult for someone to read this book with an engaged mind and not both learn something and find some topic worthy of debate.

The book is divided into six sections, each of which contains from six to more than twenty essays. The topic of the first part is Gambling Theory, where Mason introduces us to self-weighting strategies. Right off the bat, Malmuth is controversial, essentially telling us that investment diversification is a bad bet. I believe his analysis to be correct, but he omits some important information that makes it apparent why this is so, and why Slot Gacor someone would still want to diversify their investment portfolio. If I have one criticism of Malmuth’s writing, it’s that he occasionally states a quality opinion in more controversial language than it needs to be. I believe fewer people would disagree with him, and some disagree most strongly, if he selected different words with which to express some of his most difficult ideas.

Part two discusses examples of the Slot Gacor theories mentioned in part one. This includes Malmuth’s view on Money Management, the extremely important topic of fluctuations, game theory, and other interesting issues. This book was one of the very first to discuss these topics in any depth, and the coverage here is still very good.

Part three covers fallacies in various betting schemes. Part four covers strategies for poker tournaments. This is one of the better sections in the book, in my opinion. Some very important ideas are discussed here, and this chapter by itself is better than most books on tournament poker.

Part five covers new games, including Pai Gow Poker and Super Pan Nine. The information on Super Pan Nine is probably sufficient, but if one really wants to learn how to play Pai Gow Poker, they’re going to want to read …

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7 Common Diamond Painting and Problems and How to Solve Them with Ravensburger Puzzles

If you’re here, you probably already know how amazing diamond painting can be. The ultra-therapeutic, endlessly enjoyable activity helps you reach a state of inner creative calm and it doesn’t hurt that you wind up with a beautiful display you can hang and admire for years to come. But like any hobby, diamond painting isn’t perfect. There are a few hiccups you may encounter as you get started with the craft. But, don’t stress! These are all easily fixable issues that shouldn’t slow you down.

Here are a few of the most common diamond painting problems plus some amazing tips for how to solve them so you don’t get interrupted as you’re creating to your heart’s content!


  1. Your Canvas Curls—If you’ve purchased your diamond art kit somewhere besides our store, you may have noticed that the canvas has begun to curl or roll upwards, making it almost impossible to complete. Step No. 1: Only buy from Diamond Art Club! Our canvases are unique because they feature our patent-pending, self-flattening velvet tarpaulin canvas, which means they won’t roll. To solve the problem of a stubborn, curling canvas, you can flatten it by covering the (blank) sheet with a towel or blanket and setting heavy books on top for a day or two.


  1. Your Diamonds Are Loose—We work hard to make sure our applicator grip and wax create a perfectly secure adhesive, so you should have no issues with sticking when you use our kits. However, certain environments and conditions can affect the hold of your gems onto the canvas. You can use any type of glue on your diamond art canvas, so feel free to experiment with glue pens and double-sided tape if you have found that they work better or if you need an extra hold.


  1. You’re Missing Diamonds—While it’s rare, mistakes do happen. If you believe that you were sent a diamond art kit with missing diamonds, simply contact us and we’ll send you a replacement. Of course, you can always use a similar color or your extra diamonds to complete your painting. We offer a
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Recognizing APK Files on Android Unduh APK

APK means an Android package kit. This is a data layout that is utilized by the os in Android for the installment and the circulation of middleware and mobile apps. The data are really comparable to the various other packages like APPX for Microsoft Windows or the Debn kind of plans within Debian based sort of OS such as Ubuntu. As to come up with the APK file, one requires an Android program for Android to be assembled and then all components packaged into a solitary data that includes the code of the program. This can be documents like.dex files. The APK file likewise needs to have the manifest, resources, assets and certificates documents. Similar to any kind of data styles that you might understand, the APK data are permitted to have any kind of name that is needed. The only thing that needs to remain consistent is completion which ought to be.apk.

They are a kind of archive file and discovered in the zip style packages that are based upon JAR format.apk is the filename extension. One can install the files in the gadgets that are Android-powered simply by the means we set up software applications on the COMPUTER. When one downloads and then mounts an application on Android from main sites or other unofficial sites, they are really installing APK ion the tool. It is possible for an individual to install APK data directly in devices Unduh APK. This can be done without always downloading them from any type of network. You can make use of a computer and also utilize various interaction programs.


You can likewise use a procedure that is referred to as sideloading. Normally, this ability to install from websites that aren’t official or from the documents manager or direct from a desktop comes handicapped due Android TV APK to different safety and security factors in many of the Android gadgets that we have. You can enable this by simply altering the unidentified sources setups within the food selection. Having the APK data permits one to be able to bypass the numerous providers

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El Transporte Portuario:

El Eslabón Roto en la Cadena de Suministro de los Estados Unidos

Camiones pesados transportando contenedores de mercancías importadas llenan las carreteras entre los puertos de los Estados Unidos y los centros de distribución de los minoristas y las bases militares de los Estados Unidos. Conducir estos camiones de 80,000 libras con seguridad requiere mucha habilidad, paciencia y esfuerzo. La industria del transporte portuario, sin embargo, se aferra a un modelo de negocio ilegal que premia a sus clientes minoristas con bajas tasas de acarreo e inflige un daño incalculable en:

  • La calidad del aire de las comunidades portuarias;
  • La seguridad de los choferes en las carreteras regionales y,
  • El bienestar de los choferes del puerto y de sus familias.

La mal clasificación de choferes como “contratistas independientes” por compañías de transporte es una violación de las leyes laborales estatales y federales. Esta estafa, que se ha beneficiado de la aplicación laxa, roba nuestras escuelas, seguridad pública y servicios de justicia penal, e incluso nuestros servicios militares de los fondos necesarios.

Son industrias como el transporte portuario que han conducido directamente a una crisis salarial en América. Las filas de los trabajadores de bajos salarios se están expandiendo rápidamente, y el golfo de ingresos entre los estadounidenses más ricos – como los Walton de Wal-Mart y los Greenbergs de Skechers Shoes – y el trabajador cotidiano es cada vez más amplia, con cada informe económico trimestral. A través de América y en los puertos marítimos de nuestro país, los trabajadores de bajos salarios están exigiendo cambios.

Como la estafa de ” Contratistas Independientes ” esta creando pobreza en América

Al igual que muchos puestos de trabajo de Estados Unidos que se han deteriorado, conducir un camión del puerto fue una vez un trabajo de unión estable de clase media. Con la desregulación de la industria de transporte hace 30 años, nació una red oscura de empresas de transporte por carretera de contrato que clasifican ilegalmente sus conductores de la compañía como “contratistas independientes”. Los Salarios de choferes del puerto cayeron 30 por ciento desde 1980, cuando la contratación independiente era …

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Port Trucking

The Broken Link in America’s Supply Chain

Heavy-duty trucks hauling containers of imported goods fill the highways between America’s seaports and retailers’ distribution centers and U.S. military bases. Driving these 80,000+ pound big rigs safely requires great skill, patience, and concerted effort. The port trucking industry, however, clings to an unlawful business model that rewards their retail clients with low drayage rates yet inflicts untold harm on:

  • The air quality of harbor communities;
  • The safety of drivers on regional highways; and,
  • The welfare of port truck drivers and their families.

Trucking companies’ pervasive misclassification of drivers as “independent contractors” is in violation of state and federal labor laws. This scheme, which has benefited from lax enforcement, robs our schools, public safety and criminal justice services, and even our military services of necessary funding.

It is industries like port trucking that have directly led to a wage crisis in America. The ranks of low wage workers are rapidly expanding, and the income gulf between the wealthiest Americans – like the Waltons of Walmart and the Greenbergs of Skechers Shoes – and the everyday worker is getting wider with each quarterly economic report. Across America and at our nation’s seaports, low wage workers are rising up and demanding change.

How the “Independent Contractor” Scheme is creating poverty in America

Like many U.S. jobs that have deteriorated, port truck driving was once a stable, middle-class, union job. With trucking deregulation 30 years ago, a shadowy network of contract trucking companies that illegally classify their company drivers as “independent contractors” was born. Port trucking wages alone fell 30 percent from 1980, when independent contracting was rare, to 1995 when it was dominant.

Business consultants encourage the use of independent contractors over employees, routinely stating that a company can reduce costs and increase profits by 30-40 percent by avoiding classifying worker as employees. But with port trucking, the savings are even greater. Using independent contractors allows trucking companies to shift the vast majority of the cost of doing business – truck leases, insurance, fuel, maintenance, etc. – onto the backs of the drivers. Simply put, …

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