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Online Hasil HK Hari Ini Safety: How to Avoid Being Cheated by Other Players

Part II of II – How to Protect Yourself from Cheating
In part I of this two-part posting, we discussed the types of cheating being conducted by a very small number of online Hasil HK Hari Ini players out there. Now we’ll get into the ways to protect yourself from this happening to you, as well as what to do if you suspect yourself of having been a victim of such ill-begotten gains.
Choose your poker sites carefully. No poker site wants cheating to occur at their tables, but some sites are better at preventing it than others. The first step in researching poker sites is to read their Safety or Integrity page. Yes, these pages are typically long and boring, but in the case of protecting yourself from cheaters, the more detailed and specific the explanation of how your player safety is ensured, the better. Then, if you’re still uncertain where to deposit your bankroll, visit one or more of the online poker player forums (there are certainly plenty of them) and look for postings by players themselves about their experiences with the security (or lack thereof) of any sites you’re considering.
Check the hand histories. A hand history can give you a good idea of whether you were the victim of cheating or just the object of a bad beat.
Contact the site. If you still believe yourself a victim of cheating, then courteously contact the poker site administrator and request an investigation into the situation.
The best way to protect yourself is to know what’s out there. So now you know. Hopefully this keener eye on what to look out for will arm you with the confidence continue making the most of all the fun, excitement, and profit that the field of fabulous online poker rooms have made available to you.
All this having been said, remember that the vast majority of players out there are just like you, honest poker lovers looking to have some fun and win an honest buck while doing so. So go out and enjoy yourself.
Team FullTilt Hosts Big Animal Loving …

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Big Backfiring Bluffs

Bluffing: it’s perhaps the most exciting part of bandar judi pulsa . When executed perfectly, the bluff can convince your opponent of anything, and win you their chip stack without a decent hand to in sight. Like the players say, cards only matter when you turn them over.
But those cards can mean a whole lot when your bluff has gone wrong. You know that sickly, “I just ate a bad burrito” feeling? That’s your gut instinct going haywire when your bluff flies off the rails and explodes in a fiery disaster. And, thanks to televised poker, we can watch these disasters again and again! Poker professionals (at least that’s what they call themselves) are recorded all over the place, trying their best to gun down their opponent with chips, only to get eaten alive by a hero call or a sick read.
So check out some terrible bluffs, by the “pros” themselves, posted here for your viewing pleasure. Here are the top 5 most backfiring bluffs online:
(1) You’re sitting at the table, deep into a tournament with only a few players left, and dealt KK. Whatever way you look at it, that’s a nice place to be. Well, it’s not a nice place to be when your opponent flops a set… Watch Mark Ristine slowly combust over the course of this hand:
(2) Pocket kings can work out okay though! Darus Suharto liked his ace-queen a little too much here, however, and bluffed his way into (and lost) a monster 28 million chip pot at the 2009 World Series of Poker:
(3) Below, you can watch one of the most insane poker bluffs ever, by celebrated Viktor Blom. It’s good to be committed to making a convincing bluff, but it’s not good to be committed to make a terribly timed, definitely-going-to-lose bluff:
(4) Do you like flushes? I like flushes. I especially like king high flushes when I’m heads up. But do you know what Justin Bonomo likes better than king high flushes heads up? Jason Mercier bluffing his entire stack, making an almost quarter million dollar pot…into …

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Full Tilt hk prize Renews Secondary CPA with the KGC

It was recently released that Full Tilt Poker successfully renewed their Secondary Client Provider Authorization (CPA) with the hk prize Gaming Commision (KGC) for a period of two years. This is despite the fact that the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) recently suspended Full Tilt’s primary license.
Full Tilt Poker, previously one of the best US poker sites around, was forced to close their doors to Americans on April 15th due to US indictments. They continued to offer games to those outside of the USA until June 29th when their primary license with the AGCC was taken away. This caused even players outside of the States to have their funds frozen.

According to the KGC’s press release, Full Tilt is required to have a valid primary license in order to keep their Secondary CPA. As such, they are watching the outcome of the site’s situation with the AGCC very closely. Currently Full Tilt’s primary license is still valid despite being suspended, but this could change depending on a hearing scheduled for September 15th.

Full Tilt’s hearing with the AGCC was originally scheduled for July 26th, but it ended up being adjourned until September. The site’s lawyer requested this because he did not want to jeopardize negotiations with a potential European investor. In theory this investor would pump money into the company so that Full Tilt could mend its situation with the AGCC, pay Americans back, and resume business.

It is a waiting game until at least September 15th, and players around the world are being forced to cope with the reality that they may not see their Full Tilt money for a very long time. If you are looking for something to keep you busy in the meantime, you have a few options. Poker lovers living in the USA could try playing on the Merge network. If you like casino games, you can try a no download free casino. Whatever you do, good luck with your games and cross your fingers in September.

Massive Grand Series of Poker 7 Now at Bwin

Now at Bwin you can qualify for the …

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Epic Poker League to Broadcast on CBS, Velocity

Federated Sports & Gaming, Inc. is about to make a big bet in the poker industry. The start-up company promotes poker-related businesses and is expected to announce a deal with the newly founded Epic Poker League. Though many have reacted with doom and gloom to Black Friday, Federated Sports believes there is plenty of money to be made in televising poker. The Epic Poker League will air on CBS and Velocity, a sub-division of Discovery Communications, Inc.
The poker league will pay CBS to air the tournaments on weekends as a “time buy.” Velocity will run the show free of charge, as a cross-promotional change between itself and the Epic Poker League. Velocity’s senior vice president Bob Scanlon commented that Epic “is a natural fit for Velocity and the upscale male audience that we’re courting.”
The majority of poker shows have engaged in a “time buy” with the airing network. Until Black Friday, Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars regularly paid broadcasters to feature shows sponsored by their brands. Since these two have been forced out of the American market most poker shows have become unbranded or canceled. While Full Tilt and PokerStars are embroiled in legal battles, the market has plenty of room for newcomers.
Federated Sports was founded in 2010 and is based in Los Angeles. Venture capitalist J.B. Britzker is an investor in the company. Federated Sports’ chief executive Jeffrey Pollack wouldn’t comment on the specific terms of the broadcasting deal with crypto gambling or Velocity. He said Federated believes that there is an untapped market of consumer goods and brands who would greatly benefit from advertising to the poker demographic. Where it will go remains to be seen. The broadcast dates for Epic Poker League will be released later this summer.
Amid rumors of their impending purchase by mysterious European buyers, Full Tilt Poker’s public hearing over their suspended license may soon become a private affair. Held in the city of London, the hearing has already been postponed until the middle of September.
Here’s what lead Full Tilt lawyer Michael Heslop had to say on the matter, …

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Jamie Gold Launches keluar sgp .com


Opportunities in the market of online poker have been stymied, to say the least, since April 15, 2011. Not all in the industry are sitting on their hands, however. Jamie Gold is launching a new poker site called keluar sgp , geared specifically towards American players. The 2006 WSOP Main Event Champion is not exactly taking on the FBI, with the setup of the site falling easily within the law. Rather than accepting real money deposits, customers will pay a small monthly subscription fee which gives access to cash and valuable prizes worth as much as $100,000. From sporting event tickets to electronics to cash as prizes, will market itself to recreational poker players who look to enjoy poker on a budget, like the popular poker products put out by Facebook game maker Zynga.

Jamie Gold commented, “After Black Friday and all the negativity surrounding online poker, I asked myself what I could do to help our community enjoy playing a game they love legally…Creating was the clear answer.” Gold has been nicknamed the “Poker Philanthropist” because of his successful “Jamie Gold Foundation” which supports the Muscular Dystrophy Association. His new business endeavor, however, has ambitions beyond charitable donations.


Gold said, “This is an amazing opportunity for me to create a fun, accessible and unique experience for the poker community. As importantly, I will be able to continue to accomplish meaningful, vital and life-changing charitable goals with the additional support and commitment of the ZEN platform. It will also provide my dedicated partners a platform beyond anything I could have imagined as we are now able to create targeted demographic promotions.”


While is unlikely to attract big name professionals or grinders, it may connect well with the biggest poker market in America, the recreational players.

Full Tilt Releases Investment Statement

After remaining closed-mouthed on the rumors regarding a purchase by European investors, Full Tilt Poker has finally decided to address the matter. According to, the company is indeed in the midst of negotiations with several prospective buyers. Here’s a portion of their recent …

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Racetrack Betting


The purpose of this section will be to explain the basic bets available to the racetrack bettor, how the payoffs are determined, and cut the track takes from the betting pool. This section will not give advice on how to choose which specific horse to bet on. There are plenty of books on that subject and it is something I know almost nothing about. So if you need to bone up on the basics of racetrack betting you are in the right place.

Pari-Mutuel Betting

The racetrack operates on the same principle as an insurance company. A group of bettors pool their money together through an agent (either the track or the insurance company), the agent takes out a cut for themselves to cover expenses and profit, and the rest is given back the winning players. In an insurance situation the bettors are betting on death of some kind of casualty and at the track the bettors are betting on horses.

At the track there are various types of bets available. All money bet on a specific kind of wager is pooled together. Once the betting is closed the track will deduct their share to cover taxes, dues to the Racing Association, overhead expenses, purse money, and the Breeders’ Fund. For example at the Pimlico track in ทางเข้า789bet Baltimore (home of the Preakness stakes) the track will deduct 17% to 25% depending on the type of wager. The remainder of the pool will be divided among the winning bettors.

Betting Options

Win: This is that most basic bet that a bet that the chosen horse will finish in first place.

Place: This is a bet that the chosen horse will finish first or second.

Show: This is a bet that the chosen horse will finish first, second, or third.

Daily Double: This is a bet on the first place position in two consecutive races, generally the first two of the day. Bettor must correctly pick both races to win.

Daily Triple/Pick Three: This is a bet on the first place position in three consecutive races.

Pick Six: This …

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Free ride history



The game free ride is a modified version of Let It Ride. Free ride is found almost exclusively at online casinos. I have yet to see free ride at a casino in Las Vegas.


Most casino table games have a history. They have either been around for a long time or they are a modification of another game that has been around for a long time. Let It Ride is different. It was invented by Shuffle Master to help market it’s single-deck shuffling machines. Let It Ride was introduced to Nevada casinos in 1993 and quickly became a hit with many table game players.


The game of free ride is played on a blackjack-like table with, of course, a shuffling machine. It is an unusual type of poker game where you put up all your bets before the first cards are dealt and then you can pull your bets back one-by-one if you don’t like the way your free ride hand develops. If you do like the cards, you can just let your bets ride, as indicated by the name of the game. You can also make an optional side bet to qualify for an additional bonus payout.


The game free ride is basically the same as Let It Ride, except instead of placing all your bets before the cards are dealt, you only put up the first bet. As the fourth and fifth cards are dealt, you have the option of placing an additional bet after each card if you like the way your free ride hand is shaping up. You are not required to place additional bets if you don’t like your free free ride, but you cannot pull back your original free ride bet.


video poker history


The game of video poker is a fairly recent Unique Casino phenomenon, dating back to only the mid-’70s. Although early slot machines used cards and poker hands as payoff symbols, players had no choices to make; the reels stopped wherever the machine determined they would.


The increasing popularity of video poker can …

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Jackpot Slotland Lebih Dari $ 150.000 dan Terlambat untuk Menang

Jackpot yang terkenal biasa belum dipukul sejak Juli

Banyak pemain mesin slot dan video poker di yakin jackpot progresif di sana sudah terlambat untuk dipukul. Semua mesin slot online Slotland terikat pada jackpot progresif yang sama. Biasanya dipukul tidak lama setelah mencapai $ 100.000, dan jarang terjadi lebih dari enam hingga delapan minggu antara kemenangan enam digit.

Jackpot hanya lebih dari $ 150.000. Itu belum dimenangkan sejak Juli ketika seorang pemain yang dikenal sebagai MARMOTLUV memenangkan $80.369 dengan memainkan salah satu mesin slot online terbaru Slotland, Slotris.

Tentu saja tidak ada prediksi kapan jackpot progresif akan dimenangkan. Setiap kali seorang pemain memasang taruhan yang memenuhi syarat untuk jackpot progresif (taruhan maksimal diperlukan di sebagian besar permainan), sebagian dari Togel singapore taruhan mereka masuk ke kumpulan jackpot progresif. Kolam itu terus bertambah sampai seseorang mendapatkan jackpot. saat ini menampilkan tiga belas mesin slot unik dan tiga permainan video poker. Empat dari mesin slot online paling populer dan dua permainan video poker juga tersedia di ponsel dan PDA. Semua permainan Slotland memberi pemain pilihan untuk memasang taruhan maksimum untuk kesempatan jackpot progresif.

Tahun ini, merayakan sebelas tahun jackpot besar, game baru asli, dan pemain slot online yang bahagia.

Slotland Jackpot Melonggar dengan Pemenang Jackpot Tiga Bulan Berturut-turut

slotland-jackpot-reelriot-90.jpgApa yang terjadi di Slotland?! Dulu jackpot progresif mereka, yang terkait dengan semua permainan unik mereka, dimenangkan setiap 6 – 8 minggu atau lebih. Akhir-akhir ini, ada pemenang besar setiap bulannya! Baru-baru ini, seorang pemain yang dikenal sebagai WMSAMUELS memenangkan $87,221 pada mesin slot Reel Riot yang baru.

Meskipun satu game lain, Treasure Box, telah memiliki beberapa pemenang jackpot, ini adalah pertama kalinya jackpot dimenangkan di Reel Riot yang baru.

“Reel Riot adalah game terbaru kami,” jelas Tuma, “Dan game terbaru kami biasanya yang paling populer. Karena begitu banyak orang telah memainkan Reel Riot, kita tidak perlu terkejut bahwa jackpot dipukul pada game itu, saya kira. Tapi sungguh, kemenangan berikutnya bisa terjadi di salah satu dari 15 pertandingan kami.”

Reel Riot adalah mesin slot payline tunggal dengan grafis retro fantastis yang diluncurkan Slotland musim panas lalu. Ini memiliki simbol bonus “Liar …

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Bitcoin’s ‘Segwit2x’ Scaling Proposal: Miners Offer Optimistic Outlook for Crypto Gambling

As explained by Xiangfu Liu, co-founder of bitcoin mining chip maker Canaan, there are few things more sacred in bitcoin than the idea that the strength of a blockchain is the computing power dedicated to securing its ledger. But while bitcoin’s miners remain united in this daily pursuit, their opinions on a new scaling proposal seem decidedly mixed.

Known as ‘Segwit2x’, the proposal, spearheaded by bitcoin investment conglomerate Digital Currency Group, aims to move forward with two changes to the bitcoin network: an optimization called Segregated Witness (SegWit) and an increase to the hardcoded parameter limiting the size of its transaction blocks.

Notable about the effort is its claim it draws support from more than 80% of bitcoin’s computing power. Mining industry participants including, Bitfury, Bitmain, BTCC, F2Pool and ViaBTC all signed an agreement supporting the solution, alongside roughly 50 industry startups.

Such participation has done much to lend validation to the effort. That’s because, due to how the network functions, miners (along with nodes) must upgrade to any new software – a position some have argued makes them voters in a kind of electoral process.

Still, their motivations and exceptions appear varied.

Notable was a palpable fatigue in answering questions about protocol changes at all, a sign of the years-long debate that’s split the industry. Wang Chun, owner of F2Pool, a signatory on the proposal which accounts for more than 7% of bitcoin’s hashing power, suggested he wasn’t supporting it from a position of enthusiasm.

Chun told CoinDesk:


Others broke along typical partisan lines.

Haipo Yang, founder and CEO of mining pool ViaBTC, which represents roughly 4% Crypto Gambling of the bitcoin network’s hash power, for example, was in favor of the proposal. Long a proponent of boosting the block size to 2MB via a hard fork, Yang went so far as to state the mechanism could force those who disagree off the blockchain.

“[A split] is a good thing in my opinion,” he said, citing philosophical disagreements with bitcoin developers (who …

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